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One of the reasons our magazine is such a success is because we are always looking for contributions from experts in their field. If you are a screenwriter, video production employee, director, producer or actor who believes they have something to offer our magazine, we are always willing to listen. Perhaps you want to ghostwrite a few columns, or you would like to do a onetime column about a specific topic. In either case, we are more than happy to get submissions from individuals who can offer their opinions, insight and experiences with the film industry to others.

Each time a new issue of our magazine comes out, we welcome feedback and input from our readers. No magazine is successful in the modern world unless its readers feel connected to the material on its pages. We hope our readers are more impressed with each issue, and our team works with passion in our hearts on every single column, article and short piece we publish. If you are interested in some of the topics covered in our magazine, we hope you will support us by picking up the previous issue and giving it a reader. And if you have any thoughts, positive or negative, on our work, do not hesitate to email us through our site.