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Film Review: Hell or High Water – The Perfect Summer Movie?

2Every now and then, we come across a movie that flies completely under the radar until it is released and seen by critics and audiences alike. But most of the time, movies fly under the radar because their main cast is unknown to audiences, but Hell or High Water boasts some impressive names. With Chris Pine, Jeff Bridges and Ben Foster, the movie has a very solid cast in all the major roles. However, no one was talking about the movie or anticipating it until it came out. Perhaps the marketing team did not do their jobs properly.

lookingRegardless of the anticipation for the movie, audiences were pleasantly surprised when they went to the theater to see Hell or High Water. They went in expecting a general crime drama set as a Western, but they came out having experienced one of the tightest and best movies of the year. The plot for Hell or High Water is fairly straightforward, with two brothers setting out to rob various branches of a West Texas bank, in the hopes of making enough money within a week to save the family ranch they are about to lose to the bank.

The true success of Hell or High Water is in how the movie flows from one scene to another. There are no unnecessary flashbacks or flash forwards, with the movie told in real time throughout its course. No all the background information about the main cast is revealed right way, with audiences encouraged to be patient as the movie reveals one layer after another as the story progresses. With a screen time of less than an hour and 45 minutes, Hell or High Water manages to tell a deep and meaningful story in just the right amount of time.

staySometimes when you are sitting through a movie, even a really good one, it can feel as though the movie has overstayed its welcome by 15 or 20 minutes. But those issues do not exist with Hell or High Water. Every scene has its purpose, and every line of dialogue is either building a relationship between the characters or furthering the plot. The absence of filler ensures the audience can focus on the movie’s main plot from the beginning to the end. And when Hell or High Water reaches its climax, it succeeds in delivering some thrilling scenes and plenty of intensity.

3We are used to seeing Chris Pine in the Star Trek movies, while Jeff Bridges has not been in anything important for a few years. But both men deliver stellar performances in their respective roles. And a special mention has to go to Ben Foster, who plays the ex-convict little brother to Chris Pine’s Toby Howard. Foster’s performance is a match for his more illustrious co-stars, and it is his character who sets the scene for some of the most dramatic moments in the movie. If you have been disappointed by the summer 2016 blockbusters, you may want to check out Hell or High Water.