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The Rise in Drone Usage in the Real Estate Sector

Drones All The Way

Many real estate agents have a new trick in their magic hat when it comes to selling homes. Using video drones allows agents to get an aerial and realistic video of the home for potential buyers.

Drone technology has opened up a new door in the real estate sector that many agents and real estate companies are taking advantage of. Not only is it a great method to use in selling a home, but potential buyers are enjoying it just has much if not more than real estate agents.

Benefits to Using Drones for Real Estate Agents

When you are trying to sell a home, you want it to appeal and speak to the potential buyers out there. Photographs are a great way to give them an idea of what the home looks like, but they don’t help to answer specific questions about the details and character of the home.

Usually, these questions are answered when the buyers come to the homes open house. But with the use of drones for aerial videos, you can give buyers a realistic look and a way to tour the home before walking through the front door. Top real estate companies in Fort Lauderdale, and in other luxury real estate markets, are taking to using more and more drone footage on their website.

A home listing that uses video also gets up to 400% more attention from potential buyers than homes with only images. By using aerial videos and photographs, agents can show various details of each home that may be difficult to show with traditional images, such as the homes outdoor properly or the beachside video as well as the distance between homes in the neighborhood.

Benefits to Using Drones for Buyersvideo-production-drone-rising-trend

Because one of the first places that many potential buyers go to look at available homes on the market is online first, having a listing that stands out in the crowd is a must.

Buyers love to see what a home really looks like, images do a great job at this, but videos give it the realistic view they are looking for. Videos allow buyers to image what it would be like living in this home, from walking into the front door to the outside terrain around their neighborhood.

One of the first steps that many people take when they need to solve a problem or issue is to go online first. When you add in a high definition video to your real estate listing you can get three different issues that many potential buyers experience. You are able to give them all the necessary information in a shorter amount of time instead of having to do it through writing and text on the listing. This allows them to save time trying to weed through potential homes.


Drone usage is on the rise in real estate and for a great reason. Not only does it benefit potential buyers but real estate agents and even owners are benefiting more than ever before. This allows for a more successful and shorter period of home sales, giving buyers more time in their dream homes.

Drones are not just becoming a phenomenon in the real estate market, but also in entertainment and marketing. It is much more economical to hire a drone videographer than renting out a helicopter and a full film crew to film the shot you want. Stay tuned for our next piece regarding drones and the entertainment industry.