We are currently looking for writers and editors who can contribute positively to our magazine. If you have experience writing about screenwriting, video production, movies and television shows, we welcome your resume with open arms. We are hoping to expand our team a great deal over the coming weeks and months, which is why we are on the hunt for talented writers and editors. Those who can provide tangible evidence of their previous work, either through magazine issues or website articles, will have a leg up when we are making our final decisions about each unfilled position. But we welcome all talented applicants and we will judge each person on their merits.

If you are interested in a position at our magazine, the first step is to present us with some of your previous work. Individuals who have not written about these topics in a formal setting before, but feel as though they have something to contribute to the magazine, may choose a topic on their own and write a sample article. Our editors will read through the sample you submit, and we will be in touch if we like what we read. We are always looking for industry insiders to join our magazine, because those who have succeeded in the film industry can provide real advice and feedback to our readers about screenwriting and film production.

Interested applicants are encouraged to use our website to complete the relevant forms and information requests. The quicker you can provide us with all your details and writing samples, the more time our team has to review your application and decide whether you are right for our magazine. Aside from full-time writers and editors, we also welcome those who may want to write for the magazine in a guest capacity, say one or two times a month.